SFÏN is born in Herzele, a little town near Ghent (BE). He was born in a family where MUSIC was of huge importance.

Wherever you went in the house, there was MUSIC!





At the age of 6, SFÏN buys his first record.

From that moment on, every little money he gets in his hands, is spent on MUSIC.





At the age of 16, SFÏN starts to mix records at the local bar, named “KonK” and after in the club “Insomnia Nights”.

He gets more and more passionated about MUSIC and in the summer he decides to visit Ibiza for the first time in his life, where he gets carried away by the MUSIC of big names like Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Dixon and Ibiza icons DJ Alfredo, DJ Harvey etc.





SFÏN decides to move to the big city, Ghent, where he starts playing MUSIC in several clubs (Eclips, Le Blue, Point Final,...)




In 2011, his passion for MUSIC and the vibe of Ibiza, make him move and he becomes resident DJ at Guarana and "The Place"and shares decks with names like Laurent Garnier and M.A.N.D.Y.

He makes 2, more funky, compilations for “The Place”, released on the record label NEWS





























SFÏN is asked to create a compilation CD for the Michelin star restaurant “Pure C” in Holland.

"For me, MUSIC is an ART that can arouse feelings and emotions!

It forms an essential part in the creation and running of a perfect concept!"

In the winter, SFÏN plays in clubs like “Café d'Anvers” and “La Rocca” together with Steve Bug, Stacey Pullen, Santé, Joris Voorn, Mattias Tanzmann, etc...





In Antwerp the long-expected concept “The Jane Antwerp” opens its doors and SFÏN is asked to become the resident DJ. “The Jane” is a total new concept for Belgium, where all senses are tried to be touched as perfect as possible (the kitchen is ruled by

Sergio Herman (3 Michelin stars) and Nick Bril (1 Michelin star).

From the first day on, the succes is huge!


In summer, SFÏN becomes the resident DJ of the brandnew Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, where he is playing at “The Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza” and the restaurant “Estado Puro Ibiza byPaco Roncero" (2 michelin stars)


All of the places have their own vibe and therefore... their own MUSIC...

SFÏN's selection for The Jane creates a quite experimental and deep vibe for the restaurant. (which is situated in a totally renovated old military church)

In summer, on the other hand, his selection for the Hard Rock Hotel creates a quite funky, rock and pop atmosphere.


Next to Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, he also becomes the resident at “Destino”, another luxury resort by “Pacha Ibiza” and in the afterclub of Pacha, called “Tox".





SFÏN creates the first compilation album for “The Jane Antwerp” called EMULSION. He stays away from the beaten track in this adventurous musical journey and manages to capture the sound that marks the identity of “The Jane Antwerp”.


This is also the year of birth of “MUSIC by SFÏN”.

With this concept, SFÏN creates customised music experiences for every particular situation.

As an interior designer, he “designs” the perfect atmosphere and vibe by transmitting feelings and emotions, aroused by his MUSIC.


“The Jane provides a perfect setting where all senses are stimulated, and where the MUSIC is presented with as much sophistication as the food.



“To me, The Jane is the church of senses, probably the hottest restaurant on earth right now.



















MUSIC by SFÏN also becomes part of Ibiza's top concepts Amante Beach Club, Cotton Beach Club, Cotton Lounge, Sir Rocco Beach Club, El Chiringuito de Cala Gracioneta and Villa Mercedes.




More concepts choose to collaborate with MUSIC by SFÏN (Bay Bar Ibiza Beach Club, David's Ibiza, La Cava Ibiza,Blue Hill House Ibiza, No Name Ibiza,...)